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Hello, this is Tuver.

I have just returned from a visit to Mount Tshiabirimu and have some news from the rangers about one of my favourite gorillas Mukokya – a lively young black back male.

You may remember reading on the blog about Mukokya’s sad year last year….. In February his elderly father Nzanzu, with whom he spent all his time, passed away. For a while he travelled alone, but he soon found friendship with the silverback Kanindo. This new pair spent a number of months supporting each other but in July the rangers at MT T were devastated to report the death of Kanindo and Mukokya was again alone.

But since 25 February 2010, the rangers at Mt T have been thrilled to see Mukokya has joined two other gorillas and become part of the Katsavara family. The family is led by the silverback Katsavara and is also home to adult female Mwengesyali – Mukokya’s mother!

Odilon Kataomba, the Gorilla Organization’s head of research at Mount Tshiaberimu is encouraged by the strengthening of this gorilla family – ‘it bodes well for the future’ he tells me.

With so few gorillas remaining at Mt Tshiaberimu their long term survival hangs in the balance, but the changing dynamics of the gorilla groups and the strengthening of their families gives us all hope.

Thank’s for your donation

 Hi,This is Tuver

On behalf of Mount Tshiaberimu guards ,ICCN staff in this sector of Virunga national Park and Gorilla Organization Staff,i thank’s all off you for all donations we gate via wildlifedirect.

We are happy to continue our work and protecting this gorilla habitat whith your support.

Thank’s and we still need your help and more support.

Tuver Wundi

The Gorilla Organization Communications Manager

An Unprecedented Wedding at Mount Tshiaberimu

Hi, this is Tuver.

“Married at last!” said some of the rangers at Mount Tshiaberimu who admired the Mount Tshiaberimu Research Assistant, Odilon Kataomba Kasereka, in his wedding suit in the parish of Christ the King of Tamende in Beni Territory, near where his work of protecting our close cousins the gorillas takes place.

Indeed, it’s at the age of 39 that the man who has always lived in the Tshiaberimu Forest, leading the strong team of trackers and rangers in the daily monitoring of the gorillas, has taken the fine decision to marry Adèle Vasuiri, who from now in is ‘Maman Odilon’! “The wedding ceremony with my better half Adèle brings me a new sense of responsibility and life within the conservation family” said Mr Odilon on being congratulated by the guests of the party. “I will team up with her to save what still remains at Mount Tshiaberimu, because from now on I am complete”, he concluded.


“The long-awaited wedding is unprecedented at Tshiaberimu and is a model for young conservationists”, added Jean Claude Kyungu, the Gorilla Organization project manager and ICCN conservator for the Tshiaberimu sub-station [and main blogger of this site].