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Radio Mount Tshiaberimu set to hit the airwaves!

The team at the new radio station will help raise awareness of gorilla conservation

The team at the new radio station will help raise awareness of gorilla conservation

Hi, this is Jean-Claude,

From tomorrow (July 1st), the communities on and around Mount Tshaberimu will finally be able to listen to their own local radio station.

Over the course of 2010, several NGOs, including MISSAF Kyondo and the Gorilla Organization held talks with the district governor, the Honorable Kasereka Wanzavelere, regarding the possibility of launching a not-for-profit station to serve this part of the eastern DRC.

Now, I am delighted to report that, with the funding for this project having been secured, the first proper broadcasts are set to begin. Thanks to the help of our resident radio technician Marcassin Muhindo, we’re ready to take to the airways tomorrow.

This is great news for the communities of the Mount Tshaberimu region, and it’s also excellent news for the endangered mountain gorillas living here. As our work with Radio Cosmos on the edge of the Virunga National Park has shown, educating people about the plight of gorillas is a great way of getting communities involved in conservation efforts.

As you can see in the above picture, the team at the new radio station are raring to get started. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with news about the radio station and how it’s helping us with our valuable work here at Mount Tshiaberimu.

Memorial marks the one-year anniversary of our murdered ranger friend Safari

 His this is Vhosi

Kakule Safari was murdered on January 8th, 2009 at Mulango wa Nyama Patrol Post(Mount Tshiabirimu) when his group was attacked by rebel militia. He was then buried on January 10th,2009 at their family graveyard in Musienene village. He left three orphaned children and a widow.

Safari had worked on the Gorilla Organization programme at Mount T for more than three years. 

Recently at Mount Tshiabirimu people commemorated the one year anniversary of Safari’s murder.

A team of Mount T workers organised a meditative visit to Safari’s grave. Then a mass was said at Burusi by a priest from Kyondo Parish, and scores of people from villages surrounding Mount T attended. The mass was sung by a choir (called ‘Sacre Coeur de Jesus’) from Kyondo parish too.


The local Community Based Organisations and the MtT workers collected some money to pay for a party where all the park workers and local villagers could come together. 


We also thought of Nicolas Vighanzire and prayed for his ghost’s rest. Nicolas was a WWF volunteer and was assassinated on May 20th, 2007 at Burusi Ptrol Post( MtT) from an assault by unknown armed people. I was there in that attack myself, and survived it although I was shot in the leg. But I saw Nicolas giving up the ghost. He left behind his pregnant wife who gave birth to a lonely boy six months later. They are both healthy.

Thus, we prayed both for the ghosts’ rest of Safari and Nicolas, and for the peace at MtT. We hope the best both for people and the gorillas as every cloud has a silver lining.

Emirembe oko Bandu n’oko Ngayi e’ Kyabirimu, n’oko bosi abakawatikaya e’Gorilla Organization 

( Peace to MtT people and gorillas, and to all those who have been funding the GO field projects and to the HQ GO Team).


Update on fighting in DR Congo

Hello, this is Jean Claude again. Thank you all so much for your messages of support.

We are following the situation carefully. This morning MONUC helicopters (UN peacekeepers) flew over Kyondo twice as they patrolled the area. But Kyondo and the area around Mount Tshiaberimu are safe at the moment. We have a problem with communication however, as both the Vodacom and Celtel networks have not been available since yesterday at Kyondo and Butembo. I’m using CCT network keep in touch with my colleagues in Goma.

At Mount Tshiaberimu everything carries on as normal for now, but I had a meeting with Katu, the local chief to establish an emergency plan if we need it.

My colleagues in Goma continue to sit tight. Yesterday there was fighting at Goma airport but MONUC have secured this area now. Things felt slightly calmer this morning but most people remain locked in their homes. We had some good news as the Gorilla Organization’s project partners based near Rutshuru, who we had lost touch with yesterday, are all safe and have been back in touch this morning.

I will keep you updated if I hear any more news.